GSVAL Constitution



(Amended 4/2013) (accepted 5/22/2013)                                     page 1 of 4 (2012)

2017 League Team Members:

Central Columbia                                Jersey Shore

Lewisburg                                             Lock Haven                   Loyalsock

Mifflinburg                                           Rockets

Selinsgrove                                          Sunbury/ Norry

Tri-Town                                                Wellsboro                     Williamsport


The name of the organization shall be the Greater Susquehanna Valley Aquatics League. Throughout this Constitution and Rules, Greater Susquehanna Valley Aquatics League will be referred to as the “League”


The purpose of the organization shall be to promote competitive swimming and good sportsmanship for girls and boys during the summer throughout the greater Greater Susquehanna Valley Aquatics League area swimming pools and clubs.


REVENUES– The League is entitled to revenues from membership fees, assessed fines, and Championship Meet entry fees to enable the League to conduct the business of the League.


MEMBERSHIP– shall be open to any swimming pool, Team or Club, in the designated League service area which desires to field a team and to abide by the Constitution and Rules of the organization.

*           The League service area shall include those locations not more than two hours’ driving time from any current League member (as determined by MapQuest or other online mapping service).

*           Application for membership shall be presented at September League meeting. Acceptance shall require a three-fourths affirmative vote. GSVAL Membership shall be determined within 60 days of application.


Representation at a meeting from a simple majority of the Leagues teams is necessary to conduct the business of the League. A simple majority vote of said representative majority is necessary to decide any League issue.

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REPRESENTATION– Each team is to appoint a minimum of one Team Representative to attend League Meetings and act as a liaison between their Team and the League. Team Representatives are to be the official conduit for communication between the League and the Teams.

*           Teams may appoint other members of their own Team to carry out any League business or committee work that the League has designated to that Team.

*           Each Team is to have only one (1) vote.

*           Any Team new to the League must be a member of the League for one year before being granted the right to vote. Teams without a vote are able to voice their opinions or concerns.

Contact information is to be provided by each Team and will be shared and published for use within the League and its Member Teams.



League Officers shall be: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. These four Officers shall constitute the Executive Committee.

The Standing Committees shall be: Records, Meet Scheduler, (Hy-Tek) Meet Manager, and Grievances.

Executive Officers and Chairpersons of standing committees shall be determined by rotation of member teams on a two year term. Officers and committee Chairs shall assume their duties on September 30th of that election year.

Teams may hold only one Executive Committee position at a time. A Team that is the holder of an Executive Committee post may appoint any person from their team to physically carry out the duties of that post.


Duties of League Officers

PRESIDENT – The League President will organize and notify all member Teams concerning dates, times and places of all League associated meetings. The President will set and email an agenda for each Meeting and preside over each meeting.

*           The President will Chair the Grievance Committee.

*           The President will Chair the Meet Manager Committee.

*           The President shall be informed of all League business.

*           The President may call an Emergency Meeting at his discretion.

VICE-PRESIDENT – The League Vice-President is to take over all responsibilities of the League President if the President is unable to carry out the duties of President.

*           The Vice President will Chair the Standing Committee for Records, and is charged with oversight of official League records keeping.

*           The Vice President shall Chair the Standing Committee for Meet Scheduler and must ensure that the League’s Schedule is complete without scheduling conflicts before handing the schedule to the League Secretary for publication.


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SECRETARY – The League Secretary should take the minutes from each meeting and forward a copy of the Minutes to each Team in a timely manner after each League meeting.

*           The Secretary is expected to report the past meeting’s minutes at every Meeting. The Secretary should be charged with maintaining all past meeting minutes.

*           The Secretary is responsible for the submitted Team Rosters and is charged with maintaining the League Roster as additions and deletions are made through the season. The Secretary’s Official Roster takes precedence over all other Team Rosters if a conflict occurs.

*           The Secretary will publish the League Schedule before June 1st when it is received from the Meet Scheduler Committee.

*           Before the start of the Dual Meet Season, the Secretary is to publish a complete contact list for all teams that lists the Officers, Team Reps, Committees and Coaches.

TREASURER- The League Treasurer is to pay all League bills in a timely manner.

*           The Treasurer should deposit any monies into the League Bank Account.

*           The Treasurer shall present an itemized treasury report to all League members at the Spring and Fall meetings.

Standing Committees:

GRIEVANCE COMMITTEE –There shall be a Grievance Committee composed of the League President as Chairperson and two (2) members at large, appointed by the Chairperson. (one member is allowed per team), (members are not to be from the Chairperson’s team).

*           There shall also be two (2) alternates appointed from two (2) other teams, other than that of the chairperson, to be used in the event that any of the regular members of the grievance committee cannot serve on the grievance being heard, or if they will be unavailable on the date the committee is to meet.

*           Grievances shall be submitted by e-mail to the Chairperson of the Grievance Committee within forty-eight (48) hours of the violation and confirmed by emailed copy to all League Officers. All grievances must be submitted by the coaches listed on the team roster. Grievances will not be accepted in any other manner. All grievances that have been properly submitted must be acted upon within ten (10) days. The team that a grievance is levied upon is to have the opportunity to reply on record to the grievance, before a decision is made. The decision of the committee shall be final and binding.

RECORDS COMMITTEE- The Vice President is to Chair the Records Committee.

*           The Records Committee is to keep a complete and accurate record of top swim times in all age groups.

*           All League sanctioned Meet results are to be sent to the Committee’s Records Keeper.

*           Home teams will be responsible for e-mailing meet results by age group to each team and the League Record Keeper within two days of the completion of the meet, along with notification of any records broken.

*           One signed copy of the original meet sheets, as well as the original timer sheet(s) from any event(s) in which a League record is broken (signed by all three timers in that lane), should be mailed to the League Record Keeper within two days of the completion of the meet.

*           Both yard and meter short course records will be recorded.

*           Meter/yard & yard/meter conversions are not the responsibility of the League Record Keeper.

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*           The League is not responsible for recording pool or team records.

MEET SCHEDULER COMMITTEE- The Vice-President shall Chair this Committee. The Vice-President may appoint someone to carry out the scheduling task.

*           Before the first Spring Meeting, each team is to supply open meet dates at their venue for scheduling purposes. The League Scheduler shall prepare a tentative meet schedule to be submitted for League consideration at the first Spring meeting.

*           The League Secretary shall be responsible for publishing the upcoming season’s tentative starting and ending dates, as well as the Dual Meet schedule, and to submit these dates to the League for approval before or by June 1st.


(Hy-Tek) MEET MANAGER COMMITTEE- The Meet Manager Committee will be Chaired by the President.

*           The President will determine the best candidate to administrate the use of Hy-Tek’s Meet Manager program.

*           The Meet Manager Administrator will offer instruction to League Members in the operation of the program.

*           The Meet Manager Committee will send out the program templates for use in this League so that all Teams are using the same format.


A minimum of four (4) meetings shall be held at the discretion of the President. Notification must be given two weeks prior to the date of the scheduled meetings. The first meeting will be held during the month of April, and the last meeting following league championships, prior to September 30th.

*           Emergency meetings may be called by the President with two days notice for the sole purpose of conducting the business for which it was called.

*           Each League member team shall have one (1) vote.

*           The Roberts Rules of Order Revised shall be used as the parliamentary authority to govern the League in all cases for which they are applicable; and in which they are not inconsistent with the Constitution or the Official Rules of the League.

League business to address at the Spring Meeting shall include, but not be limited to;

*           Review and acceptance to any changes to the League’s Constitution,

*            Review and adoption of any changes to the USA-S Technical Rules, any League Modifications to the Leagues Modified Rules,

*            Setting the League’s dual meet schedule,

*            Set the date and venue for League Championships,

*            Review the rotating schedule of Championships hosting, and accept the host team’s plans for Championships.

*             Any other League business is to be addressed at this time.


Any proposed changes to the Constitution shall be submitted to the League President and Secretary, and to each member team at least one week prior to any scheduled meeting. Given a quorum (one more than one-half of member teams), the Constitution will be changed by a three-fourths affirmative vote of the total membership present.


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