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Each team will send a $25.00 annual registration fee to the League Treasurer. A team will be barred from League competition until this requirement is met.   This registration may be waived for any given season by majority vote of the member teams.


Two (2) USA-S Rule Books shall be supplied to each Team by the League, along with a current copy of the Greater Susquehanna Valley Aquatics League Constitution & Rules.

All rules that govern swimming shall be in accordance with the Technical Rules, (blue pages), of the USA Swimming (USA-S) 2011 Rulebook, or the most current version of the USA Swimming Rulebook, except for those Rule Modifications specified herein.

*           League Rule Modifications are permitted and will be noted in the following paragraphs. When there is a conflict with the USA Swimming Rulebook and League Rule Modifications, the League Rule Modifications take precedence.

*           By a simple majority vote of the teams attending the Spring League Meeting, or at any other scheduled League Meeting before the start of the League’s competition, USA-S Technical Rules, changes to the Rules as noted in the USA Swimming Technical Rulebook, and League Rule Modifications are to be reviewed and voted on and if accepted are effective as of June 1 and shall be used throughout the season.

*           Special consideration will be given in situations pertaining to existing equipment and existing venues, upon approval of the League if the League deems those considerations to be acceptable and are not a hindrance to safe competition.



*           If it is agreed by the coaches and/or parent representatives of the teams involved that a meet is to be postponed,   the League Vice President and League Secretary shall be notified. Preferably, the new meet date is to be decided within 48 hours. Penalty – if a postponed meet cannot be swum by the Thursday prior to Championships,meet will be considered cancelled.

*           If a meet is terminated during or prior to event 52, it will be restarted from event one (1) on another date. If a meet is terminated after event 52, it will be declared official.




*      Each team shall supply half of the Deck Officials. Officials should have experience as a swim official, or should be certified as a swim official in USA-S, YMCA. It is recommended that a certified Referee and a certified Starter be used.

*      No coaches of League teams shall officiate at any League Meet

*            In the 8 & under age groups, disqualification shall be made as in other age groups. Every age group is to be judged equally, no distinction should be made for young or novice swimmers. This results in consistent calls by officials and will help the swimmer in correcting strokes.




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*       A team member is anyone listed on a team’s roster as of the first Dual Meet.

*       Each team will submit a Team Manager roster via email to the League Secretary and each opposing team two weeks prior to the first scheduled League Meet.

*       Each team shall submit, on their team roster, complete name (first & last), gender, age as of May 31st, and date of birth for each swimmer.

*       After the roster submission deadline indicated at the beginning of this paragraph has expired, new additions and deletions to a Team’s roster must be made as follows:  Team Representatives or Coaches, (or a responsible person as indicated on the team’s contact sheet), must report all roster additions or deletions to each team and the League Secretary one day, (24 hours) via email prior to a Dual Meet that the new swimmer(s) will be entered into.

*       In any roster dispute, the League Secretary’s official roster stands.


*           A swimmer’s age shall be determined by his/her age as of May 31st. The League President or Grievance Committee may require proof of age of any swimmer if this becomes a matter of a grievance.

*           The girls’ and boys’ age groups shall be 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, and 15 and over. No person who is nineteen (19) years of age prior to June 1st is eligible for League competition.

*       Swimmers may move up one (1) age group in any dual meet, and must remain in that age group for the entire dual meet.

*           No swimmer may appear on more than one (1) GSVAL swim team roster during a swim season at a time.

*           If for any reason, a swimmer decides to change teams prior to the first League Dual Meet; he/she may do so without penalty.

*           When a swimmer has to change teams during the season, the swimmer may do so without penalty if the appropriate roster updates are made.

*       An individual will be allowed to enter and be eligible to score in four (4) events per Meet, no more than three (3) of which may be individual events. Penalty for competition in more than the stated number of events is disqualification from any events which exceed this four (4) event limit without nullification of previous performance.

*       The exception to this rule is; if the swimmer is entered in more than the allowed number of events, he/she can enter the extra events as Exhibition or as Time Trial attempts.

*       The scorers and Referee are to be notified prior to such exhibitions or time trials attempts.

*       Such Exhibitions or Time Trial attempts are not to be scored for individual or team points for the meet in which they occur. Swimmer’s Times recorded for the Exhibition or Time Trial attempt may be used for personal use or for seeding in an upcoming Meet. They may not be used for League Records.

*           League rules allow alternates to be listed in relays. Alternates are not counted as entering an event unless the alternate swimmer actually participates in that event.


*         HyTek’s Meet Manager and Team Manager Programs, Version 3.0 or newer should be used by each team for every League Dual Meet, including the League Championship Meet or any League Invitational Meet as available.

*           When Meet Manager Templates are used they shall be supplied by the League to the teams for use during the Dual Meet season.

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Teams may use electronic timing touch-pads or some other form of secondary electronic timing, (such as plungers) at Meets at their discretion. If such automatic or semi-automatic time recording equipment is used, USA-S Timing Rules (102.24) will be followed.

*       The League recommends the use of (3) timers with manual digital stopwatches per lane.

*       Home Teams shall provide two (2) timers per lane, one of which will be the Head Lane Timer and the visiting Team shall supply one (1) Timer per lane.

*       If three (3) Timers per lane are not available, USA-S Timing Rules protocols should be followed.

*           USA-S Dual Meet scoring will be used in all meets. Scoring shall be; individual 5-3-1-0, Relay scoring is League modified to be 6-3-1-0. Only two (2) entries from each team may score points per event.

*            Meet winners shall be determined by a majority winner of 10 award points, one (1) for each of the 10 age groups. With a 5 to 5 score, a tie shall be declared.


*              A copy of previous records are to be kept at the scoring table and on the team’s Meet Manager equipped computer, and also given to the chief scorer and Referee, so it can be immediately known if a new record has been set, thereby adopting a standard way of certifying times. These records are to be supplied by the League Record Keeper.

*           League records may be set only in the age group in which the swimmer participates during that meet.

*           A swimmer can only establish an age-group record in a league-sanctioned meet. Exhibition and Time Trial attempts are not eligible for League Records.

*              League records are to be verified during the meet. However, if a record is found during a review of scoring sheets, and can be verified by both teams, this constitutes a record.

*           One signed copy of the original meet sheets, as well as the original timer sheet(s) from any event(s) in which a League record is broken (signed by all three timers in that lane), should be mailed to the League Record Keeper within two days of the completion of the meet.

*           All league records may be broken in sanctioned League Dual Meets and the League Championship Meet, as per USA-S and League Rules. All League records shall be kept by the League Record Keeper.




Smoking shall be prohibited on deck. Sportsmanship and common courtesies shall be observed at all times.

*           All rules that govern swimming shall be in accordance with the Technical Rules, (blue pages), of the USA Swimming (USA-S) 2011 Rulebook, or the most current version of the USA Swimming Rulebook, except for the  League Rule Modifications specified herein.

*           League Rule Modifications are permitted and are noted in this document’s paragraphs. When there is a conflict with the USA Swimming Rulebook and League Rule Modifications, the League Rule Modifications take precedence.

*       Complete lineups will be presented to the scorekeeper 30 minutes prior to the start of the meet.

*       Changes such as scratches or additions to events, may be made in an event, if submitted in writing by the coach and with initialed approval by the Referee, at least three (3) events prior to the start of the changed event.

*      Timers are to move rather than swimmers in 25 yard/meter events. All events are to start from the blocks, (start end of the pool).

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*      Swimmers will be called to the blocks by whistle per the USA-S “Start” guidelines or by voice command (e.g. “Swimmers, step up” or “Backstrokers into the water”), if necessary.   Swimmers should learn to respond to the whistle signals to align themselves with the swimming community at large.

*           The USA-S false start rule is modified to allow one (1) false start for all age groups per heat.

*      The USA-S “no show” rule is to be modified to disqualify a swimmer that misses their start to be disqualified for that event only, not for the entire meet.

*      Home coach is to contact away coach the night before competition about meet conditions and exhabitions.


*      USA-S Technical Rules along with any applicable League Rule Modifications, and any rules under “CONDUCT OF MEETS” that apply to the Championships Meet, as well as the rules listed in this section, shall govern the League Championship Meet at all times. In any rule conflicts concerning the Championships Meet, Any special Championship Meet rules take precedence, followed by any League Rule modifications, then the USA-S Rules.

*           Each swimmer must have competed in three (3) league dual meets to quality for championships.

*           Entry times for Championships shall be only those swum during the dual meet season.

*             Exception to above will be relays as composite times are permitted.

*            An individual will be allowed to swim four (4) events, no more than three (3) of which may be individual events.

*           The Championship Meet will be scored as follows: for individual events the points will be 16-13-12-11-10-9-7-5-4-3-2-1, which follows the USA-S scoring for 6 lane pools finals.  Relays will also follow USA-S Rules scoring for a Championship Meet.

*           Awards will include a trophy for the top (3) teams participating in the Championship Meet with the place based upon performance at the Championship Meet.

*           Awards for individual events at the Championship Meet will be as follows:  1st place – Trophy, 2nd – 6th – Medals & 7th – 16th– Ribbons.  Awards for relays at the Championship Meet will be as follows:  1st place – Trophy, 2nd & 3rd – Medals & 4th – 6th – Ribbons.

*           Trophies will also be awarded at the Championship meet for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers in the League’s Dual Meet schedule.

*           League Champion will be determined on personage (%) of wins bases with a minumin of (6) duel meets swum.  Any ties for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd will not be broken, but stay as such.

*      Age group trophies will be awarded during the Championships Meet on Dual Meet performance. Records are to be kept for the age group Dual Meet win/loss record not total age group points.

*            The League will accept any and all profits gained from the entry fees, and also accept the responsibility for any losses. Should a legitimate League deficit occur that cannot be covered by the League’s account, each team will assume an equal share of the deficit.

*             Except for Championships entry fees, the Championships Meet Host teams has control of all fund-raising during Championships and is entitled to those revenues.


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