League Records

In 2013, the Bald Eagle Swim League (BESL) merged with the Susquehanna Valley Swimming and Diving League (SVSDL) to form the Greater Susquehanna Valley Aquatic League (GSVAL). These handouts contain current records but also archives of both leagues great history.

GSVAL Meter Record Board here

GSVAL Yard Record Board here

GSVAL All-Star Records here

GSVAL Champs Records 2016  here

BESL Meter Record Board here

BESL Yard Record Board here

SVSDL Yard Record Board here

6 thoughts on “League Records

  1. Real nice site. Just wondering if records will be updated. Meter records were last completed on June 22, 2015. Results from Lock Haven Mifflinburg not posted. Record set in 25 Meter Breast. 22.36. 8 and under. Camryn Bair. Lock Haven.


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